Since when did being a patient require so much patience anyway?

At Umbrella we value your time. We built our health centres for one really important reason. You. Say ‘see you later’ to your old doctor and their waiting room and say ‘well hello there’ to a new way to be, live and stay well with our quality healthcare services.

At Umbrella we value your time. We built our clinics for one really important reason. You.  Say ‘see you later’ to your old doctor and their waiting room and say ‘well hello there’ to a new way to be, live and stay well.

Our Health Clinic

Take the first step to being in control of your health AND your time at an Umbrella Health centre. We believe everyone deserves better from their medical centre and have new clinics popping up all the time. If we aren’t near you and you would love your local community to have access to a new type of premium healthcare yet let us know

Not Your Average Medical Centre

Our health centre isn’t just filled with great people by accident, our marketing team said to say they chose Umbrella because they share our vision for a new future in healthcare that is people focused and made easy to navigate through quality support always at your fingertips. We think it’s simpler than that.

They know you deserve better and want to be part of helping you get it

Customer Focus

It really is our privilege to have you visit our health centres across Melbourne. We have spent a lot of time asking people what they need from their doctor. Our health clinics are there to deliver it. We actually care.

Wait Time

Things happen, people before you sometimes take longer. But does your GP give you a heads up they will be late, and message you in real time so you can leave home or work just in time?


Did we say app! As if you don’t have enough of those on your phone. How about one that is actually useful? Save time, learn more, connect with us without an appointment. This is Ask Umbrella.


On-site Pathology

Umbrella Health is proud to offer on-site pathology service at our Medical Centres to administer any pathology tests on request.


Our medical centres are fully equipped to provide all vaccines and immunisations as needed and in line with the immunisation schedule.

Women’s Health

Umbrella Health recognises and values the importance of specialised women’s health, and our experienced doctors are here to provide any and all care in our medical centre.


Need to see a GP but want to do it from the comfort of your own home? We’ve got you covered. Book a Telehealth appointment with our GPs today.

Men’s Health

Many men are hesitant to see a doctor for their health issues, that’s why the GPs at our Medical Centres are committed to providing an understanding and considerate approach to your health care, whether it’s related to mental health, sexual health, or just a common cold.

Skin Checks

2 out of 3 Australians will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, that’s why our medical centre is fully equipped to conduct skin checks to keep you safe.

Chronic Health Management

Whether you’re experiencing diabetes, arthritis, or other long term chronic health issues, the staff at our Umbrella Health Medical Centre can help you in developing and administering health plans and care programs to help you on your road to recovery.

Travel Vaccines

Travelling overseas? Visit one of our Medical Centres today to obtain any necessary vaccinations for your trip to make sure you stay safe when abroad.

Are you a GP looking for a new Clinic?

Did we catch you snooping around? Maybe you are just furtively glancing at the screen wondering how good it would be to join Umbrella… We are opening practices nationwide and would love to chat. Just send us a note,  not a handwritten one (we won’t be able to read it..err you know.. doctors handwriting…)